As we submit this translation for digital publication, we recognize that any translation of the Scriptures is subject to limitations and imperfections. Anyone who has attempted to communicate the richness of God’s Word into another language will realize it is impossible to make a perfect translation. Recognizing these limitations, we sought God’s guidance and wisdom throughout this project. Now we pray that he will accept our efforts and use this translation for the benefit of the church and of all people.

We pray that this Translation will overcome some of the barriers of history, culture, and language that have kept people from reading and understanding God’s Word. We hope that readers unfamiliar with the Bible will find the words clear and easy to understand and that readers well versed in the Scriptures will gain a fresh perspective. We pray that readers will gain insight and wisdom for living, but most of all that they will meet the God of the Bible and be forever changed by knowing him.

Status of the project

Stage 1 - Initial Drafting by Mother Tongue Translators -- Completed
Stage 2 - Community Checking by Church -- Completed
Stage 3 - Local Consultant (Theologian/Linguist) Checking -- Completed
Stage 4 - Church Network Leaders Checking -- Completed
Stage 5 - Further Quality Checking -- In Progress


This work is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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